FM 2020 Wonderkids: A Guide to the Best Young Players

With the recent release of Football Manager 2020, we’ve been trying to pull ourselves away from our computers in order to put together our much-anticipated list of the best wonderkids in the game.

Now for any newbies out there, wonderkids are basically just promising young footballers who are 20 years of age or under. In order to qualify as a wonderkid, players need to have a high potential ability (PA 150+) or a dynamic potential of -8, which could see them develop a lot in the future. While some wonderkids are fully fledged starters for strong European clubs, others are not so established and play for lesser known teams in smaller leagues around the world. These players often represent great value for money if they are signed early enough, before they develop too much and their reputation (and transfer fee) rises.

So if you’re planning a long save (and let’s be honest, we all are), one of the first things on your to do list should be signing some of the best young talents in world football, who could potentially develop into the stars of tomorrow and guide your team to glory. Just like in the real world, wonderkids aren’t always guaranteed to meet their potential (we’re looking at you Freddy Adu), but with the right training and exposure to first team football, they’ll certainly be well on their way.

In order to make the list as digestible as possible, we’ve categorised the best young players by playing position. However, we’ve also included a comprehensive list of all the players in a table at the end of the article if you’d prefer to interpret your FM data that way.

Grab your favourite drink, open your notepad and let’s get into our list of the best wonderkids in FM 2020:

Goalkeepers (GK)

Left Full Back / Left Wing Back (DL)

Right Full Back / Right Wing Back (DR)

Centre Back (CB)

We hope you found our list of the best wonderkids in FM 2020 helpful! If like us, you’re a big fan of everyone’s favourite football management simulator Football Manager, please check out our Best Free Transfers in FM 2020 article.